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Hopscotch Quilt Pattern


I have a new pattern to share with you all!  This is my absolute favorite and I am so excited to have it finished and ready to snuggle under.  It’s a fun pattern that is just two blocks, but when turned on-point creates a fun visual.  I love the movement in the blocks and they remind me so much of the game hopscotch that I just had to name the pattern that.  Don’t you just feel like spreading it on the floor, tossing a rock down and skipping to the end?  I may have a little more trouble balancing on one leg to pick up my rock than I did as a kid, but I’m gonna try!


If you’ve never tried a quilt on-point, this needs to be your first!  I have easy to follow instructions and photos, and am always available through the contact form here, or on Facebook to answer any questions you might have.  It is such a fun technique that I may have to make a few more patterns this way.  The rows join pretty much the same way as in a quilt with the blocks set square.  The main difference is the setting triangles.  You need them to create your rectangle and straight edges.  They will be the beginning and end of each row that you sew with this pattern.  The rows will run diagonally across your quilt.  I always sort of tip my head to see where I need to start and how my rows run.



I hope you enjoy this quilt pattern as much as I do, and I hope you pop over to the Facebook group and show your fabric choices, progress, and finished quilt photos!  I love seeing what everyone is working on. You can grab the pattern HERE or on Etsy.




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