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Just a little bit about me!

I love creating, designing, and crafting!  I love sharing my creations with family, friends, and especially with you!  I have been quilting and crocheting most of my life.  I bought my first sewing machine when I was 14.  Before that I used the antique black Singer that we had always had.  It was a little temperamental, if you used it you really had to want it!

I have since created many quilts and since starting Jaded Spade Creations machine quilted hundreds of your quilts as well.  Some of those are pictured in the gallery!  I try to update this occasionally to include both new and past quilts.

A lot of changes have happened in the last few years!  I quit my full time job and took a part time job.  I started my own website, and have started designing patterns for both quilting and crochet.  We bought a house in the country and I moved everything including my studio outside the city.  The longer we are here the more we realize we have purchased a fruit farm.  Every week this spring something new has bloomed, or produced fruit, or needed mowed or sprayed!  Life is forever an adventure!

I am loving working at my quilting frame looking out at all the green.  There is always something in nature to inspire and I am looking forward to sharing more of that with you!

On top of all of this my local machine quilting is picking up and I am excited to start seeing some of the creations you have come up with for Christmas!  It’s never to early!  I love to see all of your creations in photos as well as in person, so make sure you share with me!  You can find me here, Facebook, Pinterest, Craftsy, and Twitter.

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