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Fun new project!

I have been working on a fun new project that I wanted to share with you all.  I had been looking for fun clothing options that I could wear to quilt shows and retreats that represented my hobby. I wasn’t having any luck at all.  So I decided to make my own!  Once I got started, I added in some of my other hobbies and interest.  It was just so much fun I kept designing!  I have quilting shirts, crocheting shirts, yarn bags, knitting related items, shirts about coffee, and lots of gardening and nature inspired clothing.  I wound up with so many designs (and I’m still going!) that I decided to offer them for you to enjoy as well.  I figured some of you might be having the same problem I was having finding clothing that represented your interests and talents.  I opened a brand new Etsy shop for these, so don’t let the low stats scare you, it’s still me and I will still have the great customer service and quality as I do in my original shop and here on the website.  I hope you will visit and find that special item you’ve been looking for!


Original shop (Quilts, patterns, quilt kits): https://www.etsy.com/shop/JadedSpadeCreations

New shop (Quilting, crocheting, knitting, gardening, nature, coffee inspired clothing and accessories): https://www.etsy.com/shop/JadedSpadeDesigns

Thanks so much for visiting!

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