Halloween Quilt Blocks and Discount
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Halloween Quilt Blocks and Discount!

Halloween Quilt Blocks and Discount!

Have you been waiting to see the Halloween quilt blocks all together?  I am excited to finally have all the blocks listed and completed.  Now just to add borders and quilting.  I am loving how this turned out and I can’t wait to see what you all can d with these patterns.  Keep reading to see all the Halloween Quilt Blocks and Discount on the Halloween Quilt Pattern.

I started out with a few simple blocks and just couldn’t stop.  The Witches Shoes were fun to pick out the funky sock material.  I think I will make several and just use them to make a whole new project. The Cat block was a lot of fun as well.  Black cats have always signified Halloween to me and I love the shadow lit up by the moonlight.  What witches outfit would be complete without her Witches Hat?  This block can be a lot of fun, too.  Changing up the hat bands, adding some spider decoration.

Witches Shoes Applique Quilt Block Pattern   Halloween Cat Applique Quilt Block Pattern   Witches Hat Applique Quilt Block Pattern


Next, came the spooky Halloween Ghost.  He’s a simple pattern, but essential for a Halloween quilt.  I love that he is quick and easy to put together.  (*My actual ghost is a bit tipped on the block, but it still works!*).  The Haunted Tree was my next block.  It’s a little more detailed, but one that has lots of possibilities.  Some of the bats from the cat block, or changing the sky color can change the whole mood for this one.  Fall means pumpkin harvesting!  I couldn’t have a Halloween quilt without a pumpkin!  I chose some printed contrasting fabrics for the leaves to add some fun.

   Fall Pumpkin Applique Quilt Block Pattern   Haunted Tree Applique Quilt Block Pattern

Next up was the Candy Corn.  Love it or hate it, you can’t deny Candy Corn is a big part of Halloween.  It brings a fun element to this spooky holiday.  Candy Skulls have taken over the Halloween decorations the last few years.  It’s no surprise either.  It works perfectly with the holiday and can be decorated in so many ways.  I love this block can be changed simply by changing your color choices.  Add some fun embroidery to personalize it and really dress up this block.  Finally, the Spooky Owl.  I finished mine in purple and lime colors, but its another block that could be its own quilt simply by making several blocks in different colors.  I think this is a wonderful addition to the quilt, but also a fantastic stand alone block.

Candy Corn Applique Quilt Block Pattern    Candy Skull Applique Quilt Block Pattern    Spooky Owl Applique Quilt Block Pattern

Here is the pattern layout I am going to use to finish up my quilt.  I hope it gives you some ideas.  Let me know in the comments what you would make with these blocks!  Feel free to share, pin, and follow me on social media!  Enjoy the Halloween Quilt Blocks and Discount! (discount info at the bottom!)

Halloween Quilt Blocks and Discount

**I didn’t forget about the special discount!  If you add all the blocks to your shopping cart you will automatically receive a $5.00 Halloween Quilt discount.  No coupon code needed!  That’s like getting two patterns completely Free!  I hope you enjoy this quilt as much as I do!  Show me your Halloween quilt photos in the comments!

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