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November Update and Pattern Sneak Peek

It’s time for a November Update!  It’s been quite a while between blog posts this time!  I hope you are all keeping busy and have started on your Christmas quilts and presents!  It seems like it sneaks up on me every year!

I just wanted to share with you a few of the quilts I had worked on quilting for others this fall and share with you a new project I am working on.

First I had a few Halloween quilt tops brought to me to quilt.  I have done several of these in the past so I have quite a collection of Halloween quilting patterns to work with already designed.  For this pumpkin quilt I thought it only fitting to use the pumpkin patch quilting pattern.  It has pumpkins and fall leaves that work pretty well with this quilt!

November Update

November Update

Here is another fun Halloween quilt.  This one had so many fun elements I couldn’t choose just one to quilt on it, so I chose a more neutral pattern.  It has a kind of spiky claw feel to it, so I felt it was still spooky enough for this quilt.

November Update

November Update

I had a smaller fall wall hanging up next to quilt.  Some times it is a project like this that I love to work on quickly in between bigger projects.  It’s great to have something that goes quickly once in a while!  This one I just added a stippling (or meandering) pattern.  This is what the quilter wanted, but I totally agree that much more would have overwhelmed the piece.

November Update

Of course, then I had to take some group photos!  These fall quilts were so much fun to work on and photograph.  One of these days I will get to finish my own Halloween quilt and get some binding on it to photograph. (It’s been ready to quilt for a few years now!) Until then I will enjoy quilting others quilt tops and sending them home to be finished and loved!

November Update

November Update

Another quick November update:

I sent out a survey a while back to see what colors everyone preferred out of these three.

The response was overwhelming!  Love you guys!  To get signed up for future emails, surveys, special sales, etc, signup here.  So the final tally was

Vote Break Down

Aquas 56%
Purples 32%
Blues 12%

So that is where I started with my pattern.  I had to add in a few more fabrics to even it out.  I also thought it needed a POP, so I added in one from the second place winner.  Here are the first two strip sets for the new pattern!  I can’t wait to show you the finished quilt.  It is very quickly becoming my new favorite.

Feel free to share your favorites on social media and link back here.  Tell me what you think of what I’ve been working on and the new pattern so far.  I love to hear what you are working on as well, so leave some photos or descriptions in the comments!  I would love to hear your November update!


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