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Pattern Giveaway!

Pattern Giveaway from Jaded Spade Creations!

Enter the Jaded Spade Creations Free Pattern Giveaway!

Crochet Minion-Inspired Basket Pattern   Pinwheel Surprise Quilt Block Pattern  Jaded Chain Baby Beginner Quilt Pattern

Win a free pattern from Jaded Spade Creations!  Enter to win by commenting on this post, liking me on Facebook, commenting on my Facebook, joining my mailing list.  Comment here or Facebook to let me know which of these you have done so I can enter you the appropriate number of times.  Tell me which pattern you are excited to try!  The Jaded Chain Baby quilt?  The Pinwheel Surprise Wall Hanging?  Maybe a crochet pattern is more your style.  Try the Minion Halloween Basket pattern.

I will do a drawing each time I hit a 100 mark on likes for my Facebook page, so make sure you follow me there and we will have more patterns to give away the more people we reach!  I am very close to 1100 Likes, so I will do the first drawing for a free pattern download Saturday, September 16, 2016 at noon.  Hurry and get your entries in for that first drawing!  Another drawing will be held at 1200 likes, 1300 likes and so on.  Once I reach these marks I will take the entries and draw a name.  That winner will receive a special code to download the pattern from Jaded Spade Creations of their choosing!

Check back often to see the winners!  Each winner will receive a shout out here and on Facebook.  Make sure you share with your friends so they can enter as well!

Pattern Giveaway  Pattern Giveaway

**Update: Saturday, September 16, 2016, Noon : Winner at 1100 Likes is Jane Merrill!  Congratulations!!

**Update: Saturday, September 26, 2016, Winner at 1200 Likes is Donna Smith!  Congratulations!!

***Update 10/14/16 Winner at 1300 is Mr John Egbert!  Congratulations!

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