I've Been Doing a lot of Summer Quilting
[ July 2017 ][ News ]

A Whole Lot More Summer Quilting

More Quilts Equals More Summer Quilting!
You all have been busy this summer, which means I've been busy quilting your quilt tops!  I've Been Doing a whole lot more Summer Quilting!  I love this new clothes line that I have for taking photos of your wonderful creations!  It makes it so easy to get g...

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Pattern Giveaway
[ July 2016 ][ News ]

Pinwheel Surprise Block Pattern

Pinwheel Surprise Block Pattern
The Pinwheel Surprise block pattern is finished, well, almost!  I just need one more photo to add in and it will be ready to go.  I love this pattern.  It seems really complicated when you first see the end result, but it is actually really simple.  I am excited to t...

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