• Caterpillar Camera Lens Buddy

Caterpillar Camera Lens Buddy


Caterpillar Camera Buddy great for photographing kids.  They will focus right where you need them to on your awesome camera buddy!  Then you can focus on getting the perfect shot!

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Caterpillar Camera Lens Buddy

A Caterpillar Camera Lens Buddy is a must-have for any photgrapher working with kids!

This Caterpillar Camera Lens Buddy can be your new best friend if you ever photograph babies or young children.  This soft and stretchy crocheted caterpillar will slide right over your camera lens and get little ones attention without getting in the way of a great shot!  This is great for kids with a shorter attention span.  It gives them something cute to focus on, so you can focus on getting the perfect picture!

These are made with an elastic ring so they will fit over any lens.  Don’t worry about damaging your camera.  These are soft and stretchy, so they slide right over without harming your camera!

You can message me if you have a special request or color choices.  I can usually accommodate fairly quickly!





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